How To Add A Virtual Pet Widget

This is just a short post with instructions on how to get a virtual pet widget.

Step 1.

Go to this link –

And choose ” adding widgets ”

Step 2.

Scroll down until you see the ” How Widgets Are Used ” section.

Step 3.

Click on ” Pet widgets ”

Step 4.

This will take you to Bunny Hero Labs and then there will be steps on that website.


I hope that this has been useful to you if you where trying to get a pet widget.



Statue – Short Story

This is a short story I wrote using Language Features about a girl with no friends finding a friend.

Once there was a grey girl with grey eyes in a colourful world where sweet songbirds sung. But all this girl could see was grey, grey and more grey. This girls name had been forgotten over time and yet she still remained stood there like a statue. In the bright of day she remained, but in the dead of night was when she came out to play. This was the time she tried to make friends but instead found herself drowning in a sea of sadness. But then she saw it on the other side of the river, another girl just like her. This girl had seen her during the day but never said hello. Finally she thought, finally she had a friend. But was she ever her friend?


By Elle